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             The DBSK boys, Sun-Hee and Henry went to the restaurant of the hotel. As soon as all of them were seated, Henry immediately started to speak.


            “Micky, I know you're angry with Derline for leaving you three years sgo. But please understand, she had her reasons. Her grandfather was threatening her that if she didn't break up with you, he would do everything in his power to ruin your career. And not only your career, but also the careers of your friends, “ Henry started to explain.


            Jaejoong, Xiah, U-Know and Max were shocked to hear Derline's real reason for leving. They thought that she left because their company wanted her and Micky to break up. They never thought that she had also done it to save their careers as well. After hearing the truth, they pitied her more.


            “We could have solved it together. She didn't have to suddenly pack up and leave,” Micky said to Henry.


            Henry smiled bitterly. “Tell me, how can you fight with a billionaire that has connections in almost every part of the world? He can easily make a call and end your careers instantly, just like that,” he said.


            “I was waiting for her to contact me, to even send me asingle note saying she was fine....she was missing me....Do you know how much I have suffered after she left?” Micky asked Henry.


            “I know you suffered. I kept a close watch on you as I have promised her I would,” Henry answered.


            “What do you mean?” Micky asked.


            “You're not the only one who suffered for the past three years. She has also suffered a lot. More than you can ever imagine. After she left you, she returned to her grandfather. Then they immediately scheduled for her operation. Two weeks after your night together, she was already being prepared for the operation when the doctors found out that she was pregnant. They couldn't continue with the operation since there was a big possibility that the child will die if they continued with it. They wanted Derline to abort the child so they can continue with the operation. But she refused. She told them that she would rather die than abort the child she was carrying. They explained to her that her condition isn't stable enough for her to have a safe pregnancy. There was a big possibility that her heart might suddenly give up anytime. And that meant that the baby had no chance to live anyway no matter what decision she made. But she just continued being stubborn, and told them that she would try to fight for her life until the child can be delivered safely. So during those months she was carrying your child, her condition became worst,” Henry narrated.


            “But I thought he was going to marry Daniel. We saw an article in the  internet sevearl months after they broke up, “ Max said to Henry.


            Henry smiled again. “It was her grandfather's doing. He wanted to make Micky believe that she had forgotten about him. During her pregnancy, she was locked up to prevent her from going back to Micky. As for me, I was made to promise to never interfere with what his grandfather was doing. In return, I was allowed to keep an eye on you guys and give her information regarding everything that was happening to Micky,” Henry continued to narrate.


            The DBSK boys couldn't believe what they were hearing. It was too much to bear. They wanted to cry for Derline and everything that she had went through.


            “There were times during her pregnancy that the doctors didn't think she would survive. But she always fought for her life and especially the life of the baby inside her. She was able to deliver the baby on the eighth month of her pregnancy. As soon as she gave birth to the child, the doctors immediately performed the heart transplant. One week after her operation, something  went wrong. Her body was rejecting the new heart that they gave her. So they immediately performed a second operation. Two weeks after the second heart transplant, she went into a coma. She had been in a coma for the past two years, Micky. That's why she couldn't return to you earlier....” Henry said.


            Micky couldn't breathe. It was like a bomb had suddenly exploded and his heart was torn into pieces. He had never imagined that Derline was going through so much for the past 3 years.


            “She had only come out of her coma, a few days ago. And as soon as she opened her eyes, you were the first one she was looking for. Her grandfather has already realized his mistake and is already giving her freedom to choose whomever she wants as long as she is happy. So you don't have anything to worry about anymore,” Henry said.


            The other DBSK members wanted to tell Micky to go look for Derline immediately. They wanted Micky to give Derline the happiness she deserved. She had been through so much. So they wanted to see her happy.


            Sun-Hee who was listening to what Henry said had tears in her eyes already. She gently touched Micky's hand, and opened his palm. Then she gently gave him back the ring that he had given her.


            Micky looked at the ring in his hand, then at Sun-Hee.


            Sun-Hee smiled. “If there's someone that you should give your love to. I think the perfect person would be Derline and not me. She had already gone through so much suffering for you. I don't think I can ever much the kind of love that she has for you. So I've decided to let you go. Find her quickly, and once you have finally found her, promise me that you'll never let her go,” Sun-Hee said as tears were running down her cheeks.


            Micky didn't know what to say. He gently kissed Sun-Hee goodbye, and immediately ran out of the restaurant. As he was leaving, Henry told him something.


            “Derline is leaving on a flight to Paris tonight. I wish you all the luck,” he said with a smile.


            The other DBSK boys immediately followed Micky out of the restaurant. Micky had quickly gotten a taxi and ordered it to go to the airport.


            The other DBSK boys rode on a different taxi. They wanted to follow Micky and see if they can help in anyway. They were very nervous. They were hoping and praying that Micky will be able to find her in time. They wanted a happy ending for their friend and Derline.


            Micky immediately arrived at the airport. He didn't know where to go. He was already running as he was searching for Derline and Sora. He was constantly calling for Derline. He was hoping that she would somehow be able to hear him calling her.


            The other DBSK boys had already reached the airport as well. They also started to search for Micky and Derline. They found Micky calling for Derline. They couldn't help but pity their friend. He was already desperate.


            “I can't find her,” Micky told them.


            “Come on. Let's all look for her. She's still here, I just know it,” Max said with determination.


            “Come on, let's all look in different parts of the airport,” Jaejoong said to Micky.


            “Don't give up so easily,” U-Know said to Micky.


            The DBSK boys started to look for Derline again. Micky was already crying out of desperation. He was thinking that he was going to lose Derline again. And this time, it might be the last chance he could ever have to win her back.


            While Micky was calling for Derline. He heard a child crying from afar. Somehow it attracted his attention. He immediately went to where the cry was coming from.


            Micky's heart suddenly stopped when he suddenly found Derline holding Sora behind a telephone booth. Derline was somehow trying to hide from him.


            “Derline....” Micky said.


            “Micky....” Derline said as he looked at Micky who was very tired from searching the whole airport.


            “Are you hiding from me?” Micky asked.


            “I....” Derline didn't know what to say. She had already seen Micky searching for her and Sora while she was about to go to the departure area. And after their conversation in the hotel, she had promised herself that she would never bother Micky again. That's why she decided to hide. She knew that if she talked with him again, she would never have the heart to leave him afterwards. “Why are you here?” she asked Micky.


            Micky didn't know what to say. He just stood in front of Derline, looking at her and Sora. The child was already calling him over and over again. He wanted to hold her daughter in his arms. Seeing her brought him so much joy, he can't explain.


            “Our plane is about to leave. We have to go,” she said to Micky as she gently pulled her daughter away.


            Micky suddenly pulled Derline's hand and pulled her into his arms. He held her so close that he could feel her beating wildly.


            “Are you really leaving me?” he asked.


            Derline looked into Micky's eyes. “Why did you follow us? I thought you said you already have someone new? Go back. I have already thought about what you have said and you're right. I am already 3 years late. So I can't come back to you anymore. You already have your own world. If I enter it now, I may ruin it again,” she said with sadness.


            “When you entered my life before, you didn't ruin it. You gave it meaning. And now if you enter my life again, you will be giving me a reason for living. So please don't go. I love you....I still love you,” Micky said with tears in his eyes.


            Derline heart was beating wildly. She didn't think that this would actually come true.


            Micky suddenly drew her closer. And slowly he lowered his head and he gently kissed her. And as they kissed, their world somehow suddenly stopped. It was as if the world had suddenly centered around them. They were two lost souls who have been searching for one another. And now they have finally found each other. As they kissed each other passionately, it was as if all the angels in heaven were singing to rejoice their finding one another finally after spending countless lifetimes.


            Micky and Derline didn't know that Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and Max were already watching them from a distance. Sora had left her parents side and went straight to Jaejoong. The other DBSK members were very happy seeing Micky and Derline finally together. They hoped and prayed that Derline and Micky will finally have the chance to love one another without any problems.


            After a year, Derline and Micky were in the balcony of their newly bought house in Korea. There were looking at the night sky.


            “Do you think there are others who have experienced the same things that we have experienced?” Derline asked Micky while he was hugging her.


            “I don't know. Do you know it is very rare to go searching for a past love?” Micky asked jokingly.


            “Hmmm.....”Derline uttered.


            Micky suddenly hugged Derline tighter. “Angry?” he asked as he gently kissed her on the cheek.


            “Have you ever wondered about what could have happened if we didn't end up with one another?” Derline asked.


            “No, because deep in my heart I knew that I was going to love you forever,” Micky said with a sweet smile.


            Derline looked at Micky. She had never been so happy. Being in his arms was the most satisfying feeling that she had ever had. She was thankful that she was given the chance to experience it. And she promised herself that she will forever cherish his love for her.


            Micky looked at Derline. She was the most beautiful woman he had ever laid his eyes on. He was very lucky to have her. He promised himself that he would do everything for her. And that he would never do anything to hurt her. He also promised himself that he would protect her and love her with all his heart.


            Micky kissed Derline passionately. They have never felt so right about anything except the feeling they have whenever they are in each other's arms. They have gone through so many pains and heart aches, that they have promised each other that  no matter what happens they will always be together.


            “Papa....Mama....I am sleepy. I want to go to bed.,” Sora said as she gently pulled her mother's robe.


            Micky looked at Sora. As time passed by, she was becoming more and more beautiful. He had a feeling of being complete whenever he looked at Sora and Derline. He suddenly thought about what Derline had asked her earlier. He can't even start to imagine a life without them.


            “Does my baby want papa to tell her a story?” Micky asked sweetly.


            “Yes!” Sora replied happily.


            Micky smiled. He had already thought of a perfect story. “Once upon a time, a beautiful girl fell in love with a very handsome man.....” he started to narrate.


            Derline laughed as she heard the story. “Very handsome?” she asked with a laugh.


            “Hey! No interfering... I am telling a story........” Micky said with a laugh too.


            Derline just nodded and smile. Sora sat on Micky's lap and was listening very carefully to what he was saying. It was a perfect picture of love.


            “So what happened after the girl fell in love with the man?” Sora asked.


            Micky looked at Sora, then he started to speak. “After falling in love.... the girl and the man encountered many problems until one day the girl died.”


            “That's so sad... I mean the girl died,” Sora said.


            “Well yes, the girl died but after being reincarnated again she finally found him and they lived happily ever after,” Micky said with a smile. He tried to cut short the story so he could send Sora quickly to bed.


            Sora looked at his father confusedly. “Papa....What's re...in..car....what?” she asked.


            Micky laughed. He then caressed Sora's beautiful long hair. “You'll know about it when you grow up. As of now it's time for bed, my little princess,” he said as he gently carried Sora.


            “Time to go bed already?” Sora asked with a pout.


            “Yes,” Derline replied.


            “Tomorrow I'll be telling you another story,” Micky said with a smile.


            “Yeahhh!!!!” Sora cheered.


            Derline followed Micky and Sora into the house. They have each other now. Their love have already stood the test of time. And they have promised each other that they will always love each other no matter what happens. And no matter what the future holds, they will face it together.




>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>THE END<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Jul. 19th, 2008




        Several months later, Xiah, Jaejoong, Max and U-Know were browsing the internet when they came across an article.


            “Missing Billionaire Heiress Dercie Holden Finally Found After Six Years....Soon To Be Married To Young CEO          Daniel Smith”


                With the article was a big picture of Derline and Daniel going out of a hotel. The DBSK boys didn't know what to say. They were very sad that Micky and Derline didn't end with each other.


                “So she's really going to marry Daniel after all,” Max said with sadness.


            “I guess it is really their fate to be apart,” Jaejoong commented.


            “Better close that before Micky returns and he sees that,” U-Know reminded the others.


            “See what?” Micky was already behind them He had already seen the article that they were reading.


            “Micky...” U-Know tried to talk to Micky.


            “I am okay. Don't worry. I am already over her,” Micky said with a blank reaction.


            The other DBSK members knew that he was lying. Ever since he and Derline parted ways, he had never once forgotten her. He would always lose himself when the topic about love came up. He would also change the topic or just simply avoid talking about love and girls. So they truly believe that he hasn't gotten over Derline yet.


            “She's getting married. Good for her. Daniel is a good man. Remind me to send her a gift,” Micky said without emotion.


            The other DBSK boys just looked at Micky with pity. They knew that he was hurting inside. They didn't say anything else. They didn't want to add more hurt to their friend. For the past several months, Micky had been waiting for Derline to secretly contact him. But days turned into weeks, weeks turned into months and she still didn't contact him. Until one day, Micky had finally decided to give up. He didn't want to wait for Derline anymore. He promised himself that he would try to forget her.


            And now, he finally knew why she hasn't contacted him. She had really forgotten about him. And she was finally going to marry Daniel. His heart was breaking and even if he tried to hold back his tears, he couldn't stop himself. He cried as he turned his back on his friends.


            The DBSK boys knew that he was already crying. They could see that he was already trying to hide his tears. They wanted to comfort their friend, but they just decided to watch as he silently left. He needed some time to be alone.


            After 3 years, the DBSK members were in the same hotel again while preparing for a concert in Japan. They have just arrived in the hotel after an interview in a TV station. They were about to go straight to the elevator when a little girl about 2 years old, ran towards them.


            Jaejoong immediately noticed the little girl. She was very beautiful. She had a very long black hair tied into two pony tails. She also had such rosy cheeks that added a very special attraction to her already charming face. She was like a small angel. The baby ran straight to them as if someone was running after her. The baby was very happy as if she had seen someone she knew. Jaejoong was very fond of the baby that he quickly picked her up and started to play with her.


            “Hello there! little girl. What's your name?” Jaejoong asked sweetly in Japanese.


            “She seems to be of a different nationality. She may not  understand Japanese,” Xiah said to Jaejoong.


            “Oh...She's very pretty,” Jaejoong said with admiration.


            “Where are your parents, little girl?” U-Know asked as he also played with the child.


            “Papa,” the child said as she was pointing to Micky.


            Micky smiled. “Where's your papa?” he asked in English.


            “You,” the child answered.


            “What?” Jaejoong asked with a big laugh.


            “Papa,” the baby said again with a sweet smile.


            Micky's heart suddenly skipped a beat. There was something very familiar about the child. He couldn't understand it, but the child reminded him of Derline.


            “Hey! Micky, the baby thinks you're his daddy,” Jaejoong said with a laugh again.


            “Maybe his daddy looks like Micky. Where could her parents be?” Xiah said as he started to look around the hotel lobby.


            “How could they just leave a baby like this?” Micky said with concern.


            “Come on, maybe we should bring her to the front desk,” U-Know said to the others.


            “Papa,” the child said again as she tried to reach for Micky.


            Micky took the child from Jaejoong. And as he held her, he felt a warm feeling that he can't  understand.


            “Why are you calling me papa? I'm not your papa,” Micky said with a smile.


            “Sora,” a voice said.


            They all looked at where the voice came from. They were all shocked to see Derline.


            “Hello,” she greeted.


            Micky didn't know what to do. He wanted to run away or hide. He didn't have the heart to face Derline now. He was still trying to forget her.


            “What are you doing here?” Micky asked coldly.


            “To see you,” she said with love in her eyes.


            “To see me? You're kidding right?” Micky asked as if unable to believe.


            “No,I'm not. I still love you and I want to come back to you,” Derline said with tears in her eyes.


            Xiah, Jaejoong, Max and U-Know just watched as the two talked. They knew Micky still loved Derline very much, but he had been hurt so much that he has grown cold. AS for derline, they could see she was still in love with Micky. The boys didn't know how Micky and Derline's meeting will end. They all hoped it won't be another sad ending.


            “Come back to me? Don't you think you're a little too late to say that?” Micky asked sarcastically. He was angry with her for disappearing for 3 years.


            “Am I?” she asked with extreme sadness in her eyes.


            “Yes! You're already 3 years too late. I already have somebody new in my life,” Micky answered.


            Jaejoong, U-Know, Xiah and Max sighed. They had all forgotten about Micky's new girlfriend, Sun-Hee. They have only been going out  for a couple of months now. After Derline left, Micky had been in  deep depression over losing her. It took him over a year to get things straight, and finally try to move on with his life. By the second year, Micky had started dating again. And after finally meeting Sun-Hee, he finally decided to try and have another relationship again. They didn't know if Micky was already in love with  Sun-Hee. But what they were very sure of was the fact that Micky still loved Derline very much.


            “I know, you already have a girlfriend. Her name's Sun-Hee right? I'm sorry, if I'm 3 years late in coming back to you. Please believe me, I wanted to come back earlier. But I couldn't....I just couldn't,” Derline said while sobbing. Tears were already flowing from her eyes.


            The other DBSK members couldn't help but feel so sorry for Derline. Their hearts were breaking just seeing her cry. They could feel the pain that she was feeling. Max wanted to run to her side and comfort her. But he just controlled himself.


            “I'm sorry too. But I just can't accept you now,” Micky said with sadness in his eyes.


            “I know.....Even if I explained why I was gone for three years, it still wouldn't change the fact that you already have someone new in your life,” she said.


            “I'm sorry,” Micky said as tears were starting to form in his eyes.


            Derline tried to hold herself back from crying.


            “Well, even if I am late. I hope it's still not too late to introduce you to someone,” she tried to smile.


            “Introduce me to someone?” Micky asked as if confused.


            “Micky meet Sora, your daughter,” Derline said with a smile.


            Micky looked at the little girl he was holding. He couldn't believe he has child with Derline. The little girl hugged Micky tightly.


            “Papa,” the little girl said.


            The other DBSK members couldn't believe what they heard. Micky had a child with Derline. They felt pity for the little girl. She wouldn't be able to see her parents together.


            “Sora.....?” Micky asked Derline.


            “Remember the last time we were together, I told you if I was given the chance to have a daughter, I would name her Sora?” Derline said with a bitter smile.


            Micky suddenly remembered the day that they were in the balcony of Derline's room, looking at the sky. And then he remembered what happened between them.


            Micky felt his heart suddenly stopped beating. As if in that instant, he just wanted to die. He didn't know what to do and what to say. He was holding his child in his arms and the girl he had loved with his all his heart was standing in front of him with tears in her eyes.


            As he was about to say something, a girl suddenly approached them.


            “Hello Micky! Sorry I'm late. We're still going out aren't we?” the girl asked sweetly.


            Micky suddenly snapped out from what he was thinking and looked at the girl standing right next to him. She had been with him these past few months and he couldn't just leave her because Derline suddenly came back.


            “Oh! What a cute baby! What's your name sweetheart?” Sun-Hee asked sweetly.


            “Sora...” the child answered.


            “Sora, what a wonderful name,” Sun-Hee said.


            “Papa,” the child said to Micky again.


            Sun-Hee laughed. “That's totally cute. She thinks you're her father. Where's your mother, little girl?” she asked.


            The little girl pointed at Derline. Sun-Hee looked at Derline. She had a strange feeling seeing Derline. Micky had talked about his past love and somehow she was certain that the woman standing in front of her was the woman Micky told her about.


            “I am sorry, if we're bothering you guys. We should be leaving,” Derline said. She slowly approached Micky. And carefully she took Sora from Micky.


            As soon as Derline took Sora from Micky, the child started to cry.


            “Papa,” Sora said as she cried. She was trying to reach for Micky.


            Micky felt so confused. He wanted to have the child back in his arms. Seeing Sora cry was breaking his heart into pieces.


            Sun-Hee looked at Micky, then at the child, then at Derline. She didn't say a word. But she had already felt that there was something going on as soon as she arrived.


            “Goodbye, Micky....I hope you'll be happy,” Derline said and then she slowly walked away.


            Micky just watched as Derline started to walk away. Sora was still crying and calling for him. He wanted to run after her, but Sun-Hee was holding his arm. It was as if she knew what he was thinking, and was preventing him from doing it.


            Xiah, Jaejoong, Max and U-Know saw and heard everything that happened. Their hearts were breaking into pieces. They didn't want Derline and Micky to end in such a sad way. How they wished they can help set things right. Sun-Hee was a nice girl And they didn't have anything against her. But they all wanted Micky to end up with Derline, especially now that they have a child.


            “Who is she?” Sun-Hee asked Micky.


            “Just someone I know,” Micky answered.


            Max so angry with Micky. He couldn't believe that he was just going to let Derline go. He was about to talk with Micky when Henry appeared.


            “Can we talk?” Henry asked Micky.


            “What is it now?” Micky asked with irritation.


            “We should talk. There is something very important that I think you should know,” Henry said with a serious tone.

Jul. 19th, 2008




        Derline was looking at the sky. She was alone in the balcony.


            “What are you thinking?” Daniel asked.


            “How pitiful I am,” Derline replied.


            “Pitiful? Why?” Daniel asked. He felt Derline's sadness. How he wanted to hold her in his arms and comfort her but he knew that wasn't possible anymore. After Derline had found Micky, he had made a promise to himself that he would try to control his feelings for her. And he knew that if he held her again in his arms, it will be too painful for him. He wanted to tell her that everything will be all right, but he knew that wasn't true.


            “You know about grandpa right? He's forcing me to marry you again. I don't know long he will continue to be stubborn. He's already implying that he will do something bad to Micky and his group, if I don't follow him. Frankly I am already thinking that maybe we we're not supposed to be together in this lifetime either,” Derline said with sadness.


            “Are you giving up that easily now?” Daniel asked.


            “What am I supposed to do? I'm confused. I  don't want something bad to happen to them. His career is his life and if grandfather destroys it. I don't think I can face him afterwards  And he's not the only who's going to be affected. If their group is destroyed, Xiah, Jaejoong, U_Know and Max will be affected as well. I don't want to happen. They have all worked so hard for these past few years to achieve what they have now. I will just die thinking that all because of me their hard work is destroyed. Daniel....Will he be able to forgive me if I leave again?” Derline asked Daniel.


            “What are you saying?” Daniel asked.


            “I am thinking of going away again. But I know that grandpa will just use Micky to lure me out so I know that won't work. So I guess my only choice now is to obey him. And that is to marry you,” Derline said with sadness.


            “Are you serious? What's happening to you? Don't tell me you're gonna give up that easily,” Daniel asked. His heart was aching seeing Derline so helpless. He has always been his protector, and now he can't help her anymore, he felt so helpless as well.


            “Grandpa will surely make the boys suffer, if I don't follow him. I thought after being away for more than six years, Grandpa had already changed his mind regarding my marriage with you. But I guess I was wrong. I thought I could persuade him to accept Micky, but again I was wrong. I am always wrong. Maybe I was also to think that Micky and I were supposed to be together,” Derline said with tears running down her cheeks.


            Daniel couldn't control himself anymore. He couldn't stand it whenever he sees Derline crying.


            “I'll help you. Please don't cry,” he tried to comfort her.


            “It's too late. I guess fate is really against us. Even his company wants us to break up. Maybe they're right. Maybe we should break up, for everyone's sake,” Derline said as she cried.


            “We can think of a way. Don't give up so easily. You know I will always help you,” Daniel said as he caressed Derline's head.


            “I don't want him to suffer because of me. And I don't want his friends to be affected as well. I wish I would just die right now,” she said with sadness.


            “Don't you ever say that! I have taken care of you ever since we were small kids. And I will continue to take care of you until you need me. I will take care of all your problems. Just don't think about dying,” Daniel said with emotion.


            “But I will die anyway if I don't end up marrying him and being with him,” Derline said with a bitter smile.


            “Don't say that!” he said with anger.


            “I have already seen how I will die, Daniel. Even if you protect me 24 hours a day, you still can't protect me from my own fate,” Derline said sadly.


            “Then we will try to change your fate,” Daniel said with determination.


            Derline smiled bitterly. “I wish it was that simple,” she said.


            Daniel was feeling very lost right at that moment. He wanted to make her believe that he would be able to protect her. But he was doubting himself also. He wasn't so sure that he could change Derline's destiny. He wanted to make himself believe that everything will be all right. But he knew what Derline said was true. He had already seen and witnessed Derline's visions coming true. So he truly believes Derline when she said that she had already seen her death. It was bringing too much fear in his heart. He didn't want Derline's life to end in such a pitiful way.


            While he was holding her in his arms, Micky suddenly entered the balcony.


            “What's wrong?” Micky asked.


            Derline tried to hide her tears. But Micky had already seen her crying in Daniel's arms. He was already feeling very worried and jealous at the same time. When he saw Derline being held by Daniel, it was as if he wanted to immediately pull her away from him.


            “We were just talking about sad things,” Derline replied.


            “I have to go now, Derline. I have some important matters to attend to. We can talk again later,” Daniel said.


            “Bye, and thank you for everything,” Derline said with a smile.


            After Daniel left, Micky quickly embraced Derline from behind. They were both looking at the sun slowly setting in the sky.


            “The sky is so pretty. When the time comes and I get to have a daughter, I would name her Sora,” Derline said with a smile.


            “Why Sora?” Micky asked.


            Derline laughed. “Sora means sky in Japanese. During those times that I was looking for you, I would always look at the sky and ask where you were....” she replied.


            Micky laughed at what Derline said.


            “You know, I was so jealous when I saw Daniel embracing you,” Micky confessed.


            “I know. But we have been very close for more than twenty years already, and embracing each other has been a habit for both of us, I guess. It's our way of comforting each other whenever one of us is feeling sad,” Derline tried to explain.


            Micky made Derline face him. He then looked straight into her eyes.


            “Why are you sad? Is it about your grandpa?”he asked.


            Derline didn't know what to say. She wanted to tell him everyhting but something was stopping her.


            Micky noticed that Derline was hesitating in answering his questions.


            “I won't force you to answer me, if you're not ready yet,” he said.


            “Have you talked with your company? Are they serious about breaking us up?” Derline asked.


            This time, Micky was the one who didn't know what to say. He had already talked with his manager and even the top officials of their company. And they really wanted him to break up with Derline.


            Derline saw the sadness in Micky's eyes. She then smiled bitterly.


            “You don't have answer. I can already see it in your eyes. Then we really have to break up,” she said with tears already forming in her eyes.


            “No! We can get through this. We don't have to break up,” Micky protested.


            “My grandfather is also against us. He says that if I don't break up with you, he will destroy your career. I don't want that to happen to you. I know singing is your life. Without it, you'll feel very sad. And I don't want you to be sad,” Derline said.


            “Yes, my career is very important to me. But I am willing to give it up, just for you. I can't live without you,” Micky said with tears in his eyes. “Please don't leave me. I can't live without you,” he said again as he embraced Derline tightly.


            Micky was very afraid that Derline was going to insist that they break up. He knew he wouldn't be able to bear the pain of separating with her. He was really willing to give up his career just to be with her.


            “If you sacrifice your career for me. I can never forgive myself. And you're forgetting about your friends. They will also be affected by your decision to give up your career. Without you, DBSK will never be complete. If you leave your group, their careers will also be greatly affected. Haven't you thought about that?” Derline asked Micky.


            Micky was very silent. He hadn't thought about his friends. Derline was right. If he left DBSK, then his friends' careers will also be affected. He was suddenly torn between choosing his love for Derline and his friendship with the other DBSk members.


            Derline saw that Micky was having a hard time deciding on what to do. She didn't want him to suffer. She was willing to do anything for him.


            Looking at Micky, Derline had finally made a decision. A decision she knew she would regret forever.


            She was going to break up with Micky. She knew that it was going to hurt him, but it was going to hurt her more. There was no other way to solve their problem without anyone getting hurt. So before the problem got worst, it was better for her to say goodbye now.


            Derline was already crying when she started to speak. “Micky, please always remember that I love you. And no matter what happens in the future, promise you'll try to be happy.”


            “What are you trying to say? You're breaking up with me?” Micky asked.


            “It's for everyone's sake,” Derline answered.


            “No!” Micky shouted. He was already crying. Derline was already crying as well.


            “I love you Micky,” Derline said with emotion.


            Then Derline started to kiss Micky, first on the cheek, then on the lips. As their kiss grew more passionate, Micky was starting to be aggressive.


            Micky couldn't control himself any longer. He quickly carried Derline to her room. As soon as they entered the room, he locked the door.


            Derline looked at Micky. She knew what he wanted, and she wanted it as well. This was their last night to be together. She wanted to give him a special memory that will last him a lifetime.


            Micky slowly approached Derline. And as soon as he was close to her, he started kissing her again. As if the whole world stopped when their lips met. They couldn't think of anything else. In their small world, there was only them and their love for each other, no problems, no obstacles, no sickness.


            As minutes passed, Micky started to undress Derline slowly. She didn't refuse. She wanted Micky to make love to her. She wanted a special memory that she will treasure for the rest of her life.


            Micky was very careful as he gently made love to Derline. He had never felt such a strong emotion for anyone. He wanted to have her and prove to her how much he loves her.


            After making love, Derline was lying next to Micky on her bed. She was thinking about what had just happened. She didn't regret it. But she was sad that it was the first and the last time that they were going to be together.


            Micky looked at Derline, who was lying in his arms. He had never seen anyone so beautiful. He thought that she fitted well in his arms. It was as if they fitted each other perfectly. Seeing her lying next to him was the most perfect feeling he has experienced. He didn't want to let her go. And no matter what happens, he will never give her up.


            He slowly kissed Derline on the forehead. She opened her eyes and smiled. As their eyes met, somehow they understood each other. Their lips met once again, and they started to make love again.


            The next day, Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and Max received a phone call.


            “Micky is in my room. Please tell him, I'm sorry and I love him very much,” Derline said and then she hung up.


            The boys immediately went to Derline's room. They found Micky still asleep on Derline's bed. Judging by the looks of the bed, the boys already knew that something had happened between Derline and Micky.


            “Hyung....hyung,” Max said as he tried to wake up Micky.


            Micky was still very sleepy. But as soon as he heard Max's voice. He immediately opened his eyes. After seeing the other DBSK members looking at him, Micky somehow lost his sleepiness. He quickly remembered everything that had happened.


            He quickly looked around the room. He was looking for someone.


            “Derline's not here,” Jaejoong said with a sad tone.


            “What?” Micky asked as if confused.


            Micky suddenly stood up and pulled the bed sheet to cover his naked body. And as soon as the bed sheet was pulled, the top bed was exposed. Micky was busy getting dressed that he didn't notice that the others were looking at something on the bed.


            Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and Max immediately noticed a dark stain on the bed. After dressing up, Micky finally noticed what his friends were staring at. He hurriedly covered it with another bed sheet.


            “Where's Derline? Have you guys seen her?” Micky asked his friends.


            The boys didn't know how to answer Micky. Then Max noticed a letter on the side table. Micky's name was written on the envelope.


            “Hyung, I think this is for you,” Max said.


            Micky took the envelope and opened it. It was a letter from Derline.




                                I'm sorry for leaving you like this. But I don't think we can continue loving each other.

                I love you very much and I also know how much you love me too, but our love isn't enough.     You already have your own world, a world I can no longer enter. Many people are against us,            and even if continue to fight for our love, we will

                eventually hurt a lot of people in the process. So I have decided to just leave. I think this is the best for you and me. I'm         sorry if I've hurt you. Please forgive me. Maybe we weren't supposed to be together in this lifetime either. But what I do         know is even if it takes me ten more lifetimes, I will continue to search for you until the time comes that we can finally be        together. Always remember....we will meet again someday....



                                                                                                                                                                Loving you forever,



            The letter fell from Micky's hand. He was feeling very weak. It was as if his whole world suddenly fell apart. He suddenly dropped on his knees and started to cry.


            “Derline....why? You said you loved me. Why did you leave me? Why? I can't live without you. Derline!!!!!” Micky shouted with tears running down his cheeks.


            Xiah, U-Know, Jaejoong and Max didn't know what to do. They could feel Micky's pain. They knew there was nothing they could do to help ease his pain. So they just silently wept with him.



Jul. 19th, 2008




            The next day, everyone woke up early to get ready to leave. Most of them didn't want their time at the beach house to end yet. But they know that they still had a lot things to do once they returned.


            The DBSK boys left together with the rest of the crew members on the bus. While Derline and Daniel were left behind on the beach house. They still had a lot of things to take care of.


            Micky didn't want to leave Derline behind. But she had insisted. So there was nothing that she could do. While on the bus, Micky was thinking about what Derline had to do that she asked to be left ebhind. He didn't want to admit it, but he was still feeling jealous just thinking that she was with Daniel.


            After arriving at their hotel room, Micky immediately decided to call Derline.


            “What time do you think you'll be arriving?” he asked.


            “I'm sorry, but we won't be arriving today,” she replied.


            “What?” Micky suddenly asked. “You're still staying there with Daniel?” he asked with jealousy.


            “Yes,” Derline immediately replied. “I've got to go now,. I'll call you later okay?” and then she hung up.


            Micky was already very jealous. He didn't want Derline to be with Daniel or any other man. He wanted to go back to the beach house to get her.


            “What's wrong?” Jaejoong asked.


            “Derline's still staying in the beach house until.... Oh! I don't know when,” Micky answered irritated.


            “You're being jealous again,” Xiah asked.


            “I don't know why. But I don't want her to be with Daniel. Just the thought of her and Daniel together is already driving me mad,” Micky confessed.


            “Derline loves you very much. You should learn to trust her more,” Max said.


            Micky looked at Max. He was right, Micky thought. He should give Derline his trust. Micky smiled at Max.


            “You're starting to become a very mature man,” Micky said to Max.


            Max just smiled.


            Back in the beach house, Daniel, Derline and Henry were discussing something.


            “What do we do now?” Derline asked with concern.


            “I'll be leaving Japan for a few days,” Daniel answered. “I'll try  to lead them away from here. They already know that you're with me.”


            “Don't leave me. If they're going to find me, so be it. I am returning anyway. So what's the difference,” Derline said.


            “But if let them find you, you won't even have the chance to finish your remaining two weeks with DBSK,” Henry said.


            “I know. Then I will just have to make use of my remaining time with them,” she said with sadness.


            “Then we return to the immediately. I want you to have all the remaining time you can have with them,” Daniel said with a smile.


            “Thank you,” Derline replied.


            It was already dinner time, the DBSK boys were already eating when the door bell rang. Max quickly opened the door to see who it was.


            “Hello! Are you having dinner already?” Derline asked with a smile.


            “Derline....” Max uttered.


            Derline entered and directly went to the kitchen where they were all eating.


            “Hi! I've brought some additional food,” Derline said as she showed them the plastic bag she was carrying.


            “I thought you said you were still staying in the beach house with Daniel?” Micky asked.


            “I missed you so much already,” Derline replied with a smile.


            “Have you eaten yet? Would you like to join us?” Jaejoong asked.


            “Sure,” Derline replied happily.


            They all ate dinner happily. Xiah and Jaejoong wouldn't stop joking  while eating. They all laughed as each of them teased and made jokes with one another.


            After eating, they all watched a movie together. Derline and the boys wouldn't stop playing around and teasing with one another. They were always laughing every now and then. As they were having  fun inside, Henry together with two men were patiently  watching the hallway outside the boys' room.


            The next day, Derline went to work as usual. The DBSK boys were always helping her with her work, especially Micky. Every now and then, he would hug her even there were people around. This somehow caused a lot of teasing for Micky and Derline. Micky didn't mind the teasing, he was happy having Derline in his arms.


            As for Derline, she didn't mind the teasing either. She was thinking that this was the remaining time she had left to be happy with him. She wanted to experience every happy moment with him if possible.


            The DBSK boys just watched as Micky and Derline publicly displayed their love for each other. They were also very happy seeing Micky happy with Derline.


            After the DBSK's schedule for the day was finished. Derline asked the boys if they wanted to accompany her to go shopping. The boys immediately agreed happily. They wanted to experience being normal every once in a while. And shopping with friends was one of those things that they can't do so casually.


            Derline called Henry and informed him of their plan to go shopping. Within  minutes, Henry arrived with three luxury vans and several men he had hired as body guards to help protect the DBSK boys and Derline.


            Derline and the DBSK boys happily strolled in one of Japan's most famous mall. Many fans immediately noticed the boys. And after only an hour  of being totally unnoticed, the boys were already being followed by a large group of screaming and aggressive fans.


            Henry advised Derline and the boys to stop strolling already and njust head back to the hotel. The DBSK boys were very disappointed. They still wanted to go around and buy stuffs. They usually just order thing online or ask someone to buy the things that they need.


            The boys looked at the large group of fans following them. Immediately they decided to follow Henry's advise. They were also concerned with the way some of the fans were curiously looking at Derline.


            They all returned to the hotel disappointed. They wanted to spend more time strolling and shopping. But then they decided to just watch a movie again.


            Next day, the DBSK boys woke up early to find out they were the headlines news for some newspapers. And some articles were even posted on line about their trip to the mall yesterday.


            “This  is bad. We can't even go shopping without anyone making it into a big news,” Xiah said with irritation.


            “That's the price of popularity,” U-Know replied.


            '”Do you think that Derline has already seen this?'” Micky asked.


            “Surely Henry and Daniel would have both known about this the minute it went out,” U-Know said.


            “What should we do?” Xiah asked.


            “Nothing,” Derline said as she entered the room.


            “Derline,” Micky said. “Are you all right? Have you seen the newspapers?”


            “Yes, I have. I have already anticipated that yesterday,” Derline answered.


            “What did Daniel and Henry say?” Jaejoong asked.


            “Well, I'll be going back to my grandfather after I finish my contract as your personal assistant. So it doesn't matter anymore if news gets out about me,” Derline said again.


            “What about your grandfather? I thought you said that he would force you to marry Daniel once he finds you,” Micky asked with concern.


            “I'll take care of it. Don't worry,” Derline said with a smile.


            As they were talking, their manager arrived with a terrible news.


            “The management wants the two of you to stop your relationship. I am sorry. I know it may seem very unreasonable to ask you this but it has been decided. The news about the two of you have made a very big impact on your group's image. And the management is not happy about it. So they are forcing you guys to break up or suffer consequences including your group,” their manager said with a sad tone.


            “What? Are you serious?” Micky shouted.


            Jaejoong tried to calm down Micky.


            “Is there no other way? I mean having a girlfriend is not forbidden in our contract. So they can't just tell us to drop someone,” Xiah said with concern.


            “I know, but somehow your current status is very important with the company so they think having a girlfriend at this time is very unnecessary. So they are requesting that you immediately end your relationship with Derline for the sake of your group,” their manager tried to explain.


            “That's totally unreasonable,” Max said with anger.


            “Everybody calm down,” Derline said to the boys.


            “How can we calm down when they are already dictating us when we can have a relationship?” Micky replied.


            “As your manager said, it is for your group's sake. Please try to understand,” Derline tried to reason with Micky.


            “So what are you saying? Are you willing to break up with me just because they tell us to do so?” Micky asked Derline with a hurt expression.


            Derline was speechless. She didn't know what to say. Somehow everything that she was saying was turning out the wrong way. Micky was already misunderstanding her.


            “Micky...” Derline uttered as she was trying to find out what to say next.


            As Derline was about to say something, Daniel suddenly came into the room.


            “Derline we have to talk.,” Daniel said with a serious expression.


            The DBSK boys knew judging by Daniel's expression that something was wrong. Micky anger suddenly disappeared. He suddenly became concerned with Derline.


            “Is something wrong?” Micky asked Daniel.


            Daniel looked at Micky. He was somehow reluctant to say anything. But then looking at Micky's worried look. He finally decided to tell him what was wrong.


            “Derline's grandfather is in our room waiting for her,” Daniel said with a very serious tone.


            The DBSK boys didn't know what to say. Somehow they felt that everything was turning bad for Derline and Micky. They felt so sorry that they can't help their friend.


            “I have to go Micky. We'll talk later okay,” Derline said and she gently kissed him on the cheeks.


            “I'll come with you,” Micky said with concern.


            “No, you don't have to. I need to talk to him first. Then when everything is okay, then you can meet him,” Derline said with a smile.


            Micky knew that she was just lying. He saw the sadness in her eyes and he knew that it wasn't that simple. He wanted to talk with Derline but she had already walked out the door before he could say anything.


            In Derline's room, her grandfather was already anxiously waiting.


            “Grandpa....” Derline said as she entered the room.


            “Dercie....” the old man said.


            Derline immediately hugged her grandfather. Tears were already streaming down her face.


            “I'm sorry, grandpa. I'm sorry....” Derline said between tears.


            “Don't cry, child. You know crying is bad for you. You'll have difficulty breathing if you don't stop crying,” the old man said with concern.


            After an hour, Derline and her grandfather have already talked and have forgiven each other for the past mistakes that both of them made. Derline thought that everything was going to fine. But as it turns out she was wrong.


            “Now that you're back. After you have your operation, we'll immediately fix your marriage with Daniel,” her grandfather said happily.


            Derline didn't know how to tell his grandfather that she has found Micky, the man in his dreams.


            “Grandpa... there's something I want to tell you,” Derline slowly said to his grandfather.


            “Don't continue! I already know what you are going to say,” the old man said with a cold tone.


            “Grandpa?” Derline asked with confusion.


            “I know that you're going to say that you have already found the man in your dreams. I already know who he is and that he is also staying in this hotel,” the old man said.


            “Grandpa, I can't marry Daniel,” Derline said with a pleading voice.


            “You will marry Daniel. You don't want your man to suffer don't you?” the old man said with a cold expression.


            “What do you mean?” Derline asked.


            “You know that you'll be inheriting all my properties in a couple of years. How can a singer possibly help you in running a multi-billion company? Are you making me laugh?” her grandfather asked sarcastically.


            “Grandpa, but I don't know anything about running your company either,” Derline said.


            “That's why you have yo marry Daniel. He's the only one who is fitted to be your husband,” the old man said.


            “Are you just forcing me to marry Daniel because of your company? Am I that unimportant to you?”Derline asked her grandfather.


            “I won't accept him no matter what you say. If you continue having a relationship with him, then I will certainly make their group pay the consequences,” her grandfather said.


            “Consequences? What do you mean?” Derline asked with confusion.


            “Their group can easily be destroyed by a single bad publicity do you know that?” the old man said with a grin.


            “Grandpa, you're not like that,” Derline said with concern.


            “I have my own ways to persuade a person to do what I want,” the old man said.


            Derline didn't know what to say. His grandfather was a really hard man to beat. He was always persuasive. She knew that his grandfather can really make DBSK suffer if she didn't follow what he wanted. Her heart was already aching. Maybe they weren't supposed to be together in this lifetime either, she thought sadly.


Jul. 19th, 2008


The DBSK boys all smiled. They were expecting that their manager would somehow object with Micky having a girlfriend. Before when the subject of girls came up, he would always remind them that opportunity only comes  once in a lifetime so they should take it when they have the chance. They all got their manager's hidden meaning behind those words. His hidden meaning was to concentrate on their careers first and think about girls later.


            Micky looked at his friends. He didn't know what to say.


            “You really know how to a make a scene,” U-Know said to Micky with a smile.


            “Next time, if you're gonna kiss her, do it privately. You're just making me wish I had a girlfriend too,” Jaejoong added with a laugh.


            “Hey! You can kiss her as many times as you want and anywhere you want, it's fine by me,” Xiah said with a big grin.


            Jaejoong suddenly laughed. The other DBSK members also laughed.


            “Hyung, take good care of her,” Max said with a smile.


            Micky looked at Max. He walked up to him and offered his hand.


            “Friends?” Micky asked as he extended his hand to him.


            “Friends,” Max rep,lied with a smile.


            Jaejoong, Xiah and U-Know were very happy that Max and Micky had finally patched things up between them.


            “Don't worry, I will certainly take good care of her,” Micky said to Max.


            Max nodded and looked at Derline. She was talking to their manager. She was obviously very happy. And seeing her happy, somehow made Max feel much better about hid decision to give her up.


            “Hey! I have a great idea!” Xiah said to the other DBSK members.


            “What?” U-Know asked.


            “How about we serenade Derline with some of our songs?” Xiah asked.


            “Yeah, that would be fun,” Jaejoong agreed.


            “And very romantic too. She'll surely love it,” Max said with a big smile.


            So the five DBSK members started to perform one of their well-known love songs. First, they sang “Eternal.”


As autumn leaves are carried by the wind

I place a jacket on the cold shoulder next to me

It seems like your strong voice and innocent face

Is shined on by the sunlight


In my heart, I always want to protect you

When we speak to each other, the air we breathe is visible

These overflowing memories are all for you

Our pleasant times together will always rest in my mind


You resemble a kitten when you're surprised by words

When I take your hand, you try to act like you aren't bothered


Tomorrow is filled with dreams we will face together

I feel as though we're creating our own paths


How far can I fly with your dreams?

I will wipe away all your tears


            Derline was obviously very touched by what the boys were doing. Then Micky suddenly pulled her from her seat to where the other DBSK members were singing. While they were singing, Micky was personally serenading her.


The light shines on us, showing its approval

It has combined our feelings without hesitation


Honestly, I think I will lose you

The truth awakens when I close my eyes

No matter how many times this season aproaches me

I will always swear to this love, that will never change


How far can I fly with your dreams?

I will wipe away all your tears


In my heart, I always want to protect you

When we speak to each other, the air we breathe is visible

These overflowing memories are all for you

Our pleasant times together will always rest in my mind


For this silent love, I sing to you, only to you


            Then they immediately started to sing “Heart, Mind and Soul.”


When I said that I wanted to love like people in old movies


You were embarrassed and laughed


You always tell me that I’m the one


But, isn’t today special?


Oh why... Why does my heart feel troubled?

My heart, mind and soul


Oh why... are you looking at me with such fair eyes?


I’m unable to speak


I can’t talk the way they do in old movies


But, isn’t today still special?


Oh why... Why do I try to change the words?

My true love to you


Oh why... are you looking at me with such fair eyes?


I’m unable to think


Love always comes to an end


But our destiny will not fade away


Don' t ask me why

(Don' t ask me why?)

Why?(Why?) Why?(Why?) Why?


Oh why... Why does my heart feel troubled?

My heart, mind and soul


Oh why... I will make tonight be magical


Each time you blink


I will make a wish come true


Two (shining people) Heart, mind and soul



                All the female dancers and female crew members were so envious of Derline. It was a once in a lifetime chance to be serenaded by the famous Dong Bang Shin Ki. Everyone thought that she was very lucky.


            Everyone was so delighted with the performances that the DBSK boys made. It was a truly memorable night for everyone. The night ended with everyone feeling very happy with how their work was finished successfully. And to top it all, they all had such a fun time staying in Daniel's beach house.


Jul. 19th, 2008




            It was their last night in the beach house, everyone was excited because Derline had planned a party for them. As soon as night came, the house was already set up for the party. Derline and Daniel had hired a lot of people to make the party well prepared.


            “This is just great!” one of the female dancers commented.


            “I am already full. I can't eat anymore,” a male dancer said.


            “How about we have a little dancing now?” one of the female dancers asked.


            “Yes, let's dance,” almost all of the dancers cheered.


            The DBSK boys were just watching as the male dancers prepared to have a dance battle with the female dancers.


            “Derline how about you join us?” one of the female dancers asked.


            “But I am not a dancer,” Derline replied.


            “Oh, it's okay. It's just for fun. And you can certainly dance anyway,” the girl replied.


            The girl pulled Derline and was placed in the middle of the female dancers. They started teaching Derline some moves. She was a very quick learner. She was able to pick up all the moves they taught her within minutes.


            Micky and the other DBSK members were very busy just watching Derline and the female dancers. Micky was very amused that Derline was even a better dancer than the other female dancers.


            “Hey you guys! Why don't you join too?” one of the male dancers asked the DBSK boys.


            “What? Us?” Xiah asked with a laugh.


            “Yeah, come on, join us,” one of the male dancers answered.


            The DBSK boys thought that it would be fun to join, so they stood up and joined the male dancers. Everyone cheered as the DBSK members joined in.


            The music started to play, and the boys started to dance. It was the song “Stay With Me Tonight.” Everyone cheered as the DBSK members started to dance.



In your precious blue notebook


What have you written about the times we shared?


The heart is always frustrated


When its true feelings are covered up by lies


Stay With Me Tonight

If we just stay friends


Then I wouldn't break your heart


Something on your mind

The courage to tell you my true feelings have disappeared


I'm afraid of being hurt


We have the ability to grasp what we desire


But in front of you, I keep on forgetting what to say


These cold actions are completely the opposite of how I feel


You're so radiant that I close my eyes


Let me be your light

If we just stay friends


Then I don't want you to be aware of my feelings


Something in your eyes

If a new story can start right now


Then I will share my hidden feelings with you


If I truly like you, then I shouldn't keep you to myself


But my weakness continues to frustrate me


Stay With Me Tonight

If we just stay friends


Then I wouldn't break your heart


Something on your mind

The courage to tell you my true feelings disappear


I'm afraid of being hurt


Let me be your light

If we just stay friends


Then I don't want you to be aware of my feelings


Something in your eyes

If a new story can start right now


Then I will share my hidden feelings with you



            After the boys danced it was the girls' turn. Derline was already laughing as they started to dance because of the everybody was teasing each other. The music started and it was one of the songs that Derline loved so much. It was the song “Sky.”


Clear weather is across the sky, high above, anywhere I go I hold you hand

The inside of our bodies bathe in the light

The beat in your heart takes care of all the uproars, let’s make a summer we’ll never forget

Because you are here


We’re going to get ride of everything, including the wounds and pain

Just the freedom holds me, and I look towards tomorrow.


The sun is now above us, and because it continues to shine,

This summer will never end, believe me

If your having fun with this amazing feeling, continue it, everything’s alright

Anything and everything reaches this hot world


In the place where the south wind blows, before the street we are gazing at,

We shake the other mirages

The dream conveys something to us before we get there so we can make progress

And our hearts strongly make us do this.


It’s just one time, the day is today

If we collide into it with all of our hearts, the door will open.


If you look up, there’s sky, if you look around its sea, we live here

In this summer there was the miracle of us meeting, believe you

We’re going to laugh, together with you if we jump out, everything’s all right

The never ending good weather crosses over that sky


The sun is now above us, and because it continues to shine,

This summer will never end, believe me

If your having fun with this amazing feeling, continue it, everything’s alright

Anything and everything reaches this hot world



            Everyone clapped their hands after all the male and female dancers have finished dancing. They thought that the next song will be an beat song, but what played was “My Little Princess.”


            As the music started to play, all the dancers left and sat down. Only Derline was left with Micky in front of her. He gently took her into his arms as the people around them gasped with shocked.


I suppose this feeling in my heart would be love.

Although I try to hide it, a smile appears on my lips.


It hasn't been even a day but I begin to miss you again.

What should I do? My heart has caught a deep illness.


Now I will not have a lazy appearance anymore.

I want to show you just my good points.


Up there, high in the sky, I want to fly

to tell the world that I love you.


Deep in the night sky, girl

I will become a star to protect you. You're my love.


            Everyone was very intrigued with the way Micky and Derline were dancing. Their dance was somehow too sweet that they could easily be mistaken as lovers. The other DBSK members were just watching and were concerned that Derline and Micky's relationship will be discovered. They didn't know how the others would react if they knew what was going on.


            The DBSK boys were already hearing things.


            “Micky is totally fooling around with Derline,” one of the male dancers said.


            “But I must admit, they look so good together,” another male dancer said.


            “Yeah, and just look at them dance. I wouldn't be surprised that they have a relationship or something,” another dancer said.


            “Micky is really lucky if he gets Derline. Imagine a girl like that as your girlfriend,” one of the male dancers commented.


            “Well, she's lucky as well. Micky is a famous singer remember,” another dancer commented as well.


            “But isn't Derline, Daniel's girlfriend?” another man asked.


            “Hey you guys are worst than women. You're all gossiping,” a female dancer said.


            “Well we can't help it,” a male dancer answered with a laugh.


            “You're all perverts, that's why,” a girl said with the other female dancers laughing after hearing what she said.


Those words "lets break up", those words "be happy",

Lets never say those to each other..


Like now, please be by my side.

I pray that you understand my lacking heart.


Lean against my manly appearance..

I want to become a man that best suits me.


Please give me approval to go be inside your

heart always.


If you are like me, than there won't be any pain,

Because now I will protect you. for you.


My little princess everyday I'm going to show you love that

I've hid until now.


For forever, without a changing heart girl

I'm going to love you more than myself. You're my love.



            As the music ended, Micky gently kissed Derline on the lips. Everyone who was there got the biggest shock of their lives. They didn't expect that Micky would actually be that showy with his feelings for a girl. The DBSK boys were all shocked that they couldn't say anything. Even their manager was take by surprise by Micky's actions. Their manager immediately came up to the boys and asked them.


            “Is Micky having a relationship with Derline?” he asked.


            The DBSK boys didn't know what to say.


            “Yes,I am,” Micky answered.


            Xiah, U-Know, Jaejoong and Max all looked at Micky. He was being too open with everything. They didn't know what he was doing was going to be good or bad on Derline's current situation.


            “You're not forbidden to have a relationship, you all know that. But next time, please be more discreet. We wouldn't want reporters making a national headline over your new girlfriend. I'm not only concerned about your image as a group, but I'm also concerned about her welfare as well. For her sake, be more careful next time. If you don't, she might end up being stalked by your fans. Remember that okay?” their manager lectures Micky.


            Micky nodded.


            And as their manager was leaving, he patted Micky on the shoulder and said, “She's a nice girl. Take good care of her.”

Jul. 19th, 2008




            Micky and Derline have been sitting on the beach for almost an hour. Micky was holding Derline as if he was too afraid to let her go. The breeze was already very cold, but they still didn't want to leave.


            “Do you think they are looking for us?” Derline asked Micky.


            “Yeah, but I hope they don't try to find us. I want to watch the sunrise with you,” Micky as he hugged Derline tighter because a cold breeze suddenly came. “Are you feeling cold?” he asked with concern.


            “A little, but it's okay as long as I am with you,” Derline answered.


            “Are you happy?” Micky asked.


            “Yes, but sad at the same time,” she answered.


            “Why?” Micky asked.


            “Because while being we're happy, we're also making two people close to us suffer,” Derline answered with sadness in her eyes.


            “Daniel and Max?” he asked.


            “Yes,” she replied.


            “I am sort sad for them too. But we can't really help it. What do you think we should do?” Micky asked.


            “I don't know either. I just feel so guilty that we're going to hurt them, that's all,” she replied.


            “Ssshhh.... Let's not think about them anymore. Let's just talk about us,” Micky said as he gently kissed Derline's head.


            “Let's talk about us?” Derline asked with a laugh.


            “Why? What's so funny?” Micky asked.


            “Well...” Derline was silent for a minute. She then smiled and started to talk. “Do you know how hurt I was when I learned that you already had so many girlfriends?”


            Micky smiled and hugged Derline tighter.


            “I was so jealous. Imagine I was traveling from country to country searching for you and you were already having someone else in your arms?”


            “How did you know it was me? I mean how did you find me?” Micky asked curiously.


            “When I was little, all my dreams were blurred. But as I grew older the visions became clearer. But still your whole face was still blurry. Then last year Henry and I went to hide in Korea, and I happened to hear one of your songs. I really liked your voices so I looked you guys up on the internet. And then when I saw your picture, somehow my heart suddenly stopped beating. I wasn't sure at first, but after learning everything I can about you guys. That's when I knew you were the one. After that I have been trying to find a way to get close to you guys. But my grandfather has always been one step ahead of me so I couldn't go anywhere. We hid in different parts of Asia from a week up to almost three months the longest. Henry couldn't get me close enough to you guys since you were very famous and all. Good thing that when your assistant got sick Henry was able to get me the job,” Derline narrated.


            “My poor baby! You have done so much,” Micky uttered.


            “Do you know how mad I was when you had another girlfriend after I finally found you and I was already trying to get close to you? Derline asked with a loud laugh.


            “Really?” Micky asked with a laugh also.


            “I was dying of jealousy...Every time a news about you and that girl got on the net. I was like screaming in the whole house,” Derline said with a laugh.


            Micky laughed as Derline told her story.


            “But after the screaming, I always ended up crying. And Henry would always end up carrying me to the nearest clinic. Then after that we would always end up packing up and hiding again. My grandfather had men looking everywhere for me. And they had made all possible contacts with hospitals and clinics. Daniel has also hired some men to protect me and hide my tracks so that my grandfather's men won't easily find me,” Derline explained.


            “I'm sorry that you have suffered so much,” Micky said with a sad tone.


            “So that's why I have only been able to get close to you now. Whenever I was near, something would happen and I would have to hide again,” Derline said. “And you...you were such a playboy....” Derline pinched Micky lightly on his arm.


            Micky laughed. “What can I do I was totally irresistible?” he said with a laugh.


            Derline laughed. “Yeah, I can't blame you. You didn't know about me and I was the only one who was running after you,” Derline said with a sad tone.


            Micky looked at Derline. He thought she was the most beautiful person he had ever seen in his whole life. He felt that if he were to lose her, he would certainly die.


            “What are you thinking?” Derline asked sweetly.


            “You...How beautiful you are and that I don't know what I would do if I lose you,” Micky replied honestly.


            “You won't lose me. I have been searching for you for all my life. So now that I have you I won't ever go away even if you tell me to go,” Derline said with emotion.


            “I will never ask you to leave. What I would certainly be doing is begging you to always be beside me,” Micky said with love in his eyes.


            Derline looked at Micky's face. She then cupped his face with her two hands and gently kissed him on the lips. Micky kissed Derline back as she started gently kissing him. Her whole body was already quivering because of the cold breeze. Micky felt her shiver and held her body tighter. As time passed his kiss deepened and she responded with the same passion that he was feeling.


            Back in the beach house, Jaejoong, Xiah and U-Know were already searching for Micky.


            “Where do you think he has gone to?” Jaejoong asked with concern.


            “Maybe he was too upset with Max and Derline earlier,” Xiah answered.


            “Maybe we should go and search on the beach,” U-Know suggested.


            “I wouldn't waste searching for them if I were you,” Max uttered. He had just arrived from walking out on the beach.


            “Where have you been? Have you seen Micky? The two of have been missing for more than an hour already. We have been worried sick,” Jaejoong continuously asked.


            “I was out walking. And don't worry about Micky, he's with Derline,” Max said without any emotion on his face.


            Xiah looked at Jaejoong. He wanted to ask if Max had seen something but he already had the answer just by looking at Max standing in front of him. It was very obvious that Max was very hurt. They wanted to comfort him but they couldn't find the right words to say.


            “Max...” Jaejoong was about to say something when their manager arrived.


            “So have you seen Micky” their manager asked.


            The boys didn't know what to say.


            “He's with Derline and Henry,” a voice answered. It was Daniel


            “Oh...” their manager uttered. “Well, boys don't stay up too late okay. We still have a photo shoot tomorrow morning. So you have to wake up early,” he said and then he bade good night.


            The DBSK members were left with Daniel as they were drinking a bottle of red wine.


            “Thanks,” Xiah said to Daniel.


            Daniel laughed. “For what?” he asked.


            “For covering up for Micky and Derline, I guess,” Xiah replied.


            “I would never do anything that would eventually hurt Derline. So I didn't do it to save your friend, I did it for Derline,” Daniel answered.


            “Thanks anyway,” U-Know said.


            “So do you think they have patched things up?” Xiah asked the others.


            “They have,” Max uttered.


            “What?” Xiah, Jaejoong and U-Know asked in unison.


            “How do you know? Did you see them? What were they doing?” Xiah asked excitedly.


            Daniel couldn't help but laugh with Xiah's reaction.


            “What's so funny?” Xiah asked.


            “You... Whatever Derline and Micky are doing right now is none of our business. So better leave them alone,” Daniel said.


            Max continued to silently sip his drink while listening to his friends talk with Daniel. His mind was obviously somewhere else. He was also thinking the same thing as Xiah. He was asking himself  what Derline and Micky doing right at that exact moment.


            Derline and Micky continued to talk until dawn. They both watched as the sun rise in the sky. They were both very happy just being in each others arms. They didn't realize that someone was already watching them from behind.


            “You know, it's already morning. Maybe the two of you would like to let go of each other now,”  Daniel said jokingly.


            Derline and Micky both looked at Daniel and smiled.


            “Good morning!” Derline greeted.


            “Micky, your manager might notice that you stayed out all night. Better change your clothes quickly, you photo shoot will start in an hour,” Daniel reminded Micky.


            Micky suddenly started to get up. “I need to go now. We'll talk again later,” he said to Derline.


            “Yes,” Derline replied.


            Micky gently kissed Derline in front of Daniel. After Micky left, Daniel was left with Derline on the beach.


            “Are you all right?” Daniel asked with concern.


            “Of course, why do you ask?” Derline replied with a smile.


            “You have been out all evening. You might get a cold,” Daniel answered.


            “Thanks. But I am fine,” she replied again with a smile.


            “Are you happy now?” Daniel asked.


            “Yes... very much...” she replied.


            “Good! That is what I want, for you to be happy,” Daniel said with a smile. “But you do know that your happiness isn't that secure yet?” he asked.


            “Yes, I know,” she replied.


            “My men have reported that some of your grandfather's men have already gotten some information regarding about you in the hospital that the DBSK boys brought you to. And they are already tracing what is the DBSK boys connection with you. I assume that it will only be a couple of days before they will be able to find you,” Daniel said.


            “Is that so?” Derline said with sadness.


            “What do you plan to do now? You can't ran away forever, especially when you have already found him and he obviously loves you as well,” Daniel asked.


            “Frankly, I'm not sure yet. But what I do know is that I don't want to be away from him,” she answered.


            “But your grandfather will never accept him,” Daniel added.


            “I also know that. Sometimes I wish my life wasn't so complicated,” Derline said with a sigh.


            “I think your two weeks with them will eventually be cut short,” Daniel said.


            “I don't know what will happen if my grandfather finds me. But what I am most certainly sure of is that he won't like Micky. And that is the biggest problem of all,” Derline said again with a sigh.


            “You do still remember that you promised me that after your contract ends with them, you will be going back with me to have your operation?” Daniel asked Derline.


            “Yes, I remember. And I will keep my promise. So I guess running away isn't an option any more,” she said with a laugh.


            “Your grandfather will surely find you in a matter of days since they already know that you're here in Japan,” Daniel said again.


            “It's okay, I guess. I have already prepared myself for the worst,” she answered.


            The photo shoot of the boys went very smoothly. Everyone was in a good mood especially Micky. Everyone noticed that he was always smiling and laughing. Xiah, Jaejoong, U-Know and even Max were glad that he was back to his normal self.


            After the boys had their photo shoot, the head photographer suddenly looked for Derline. He wanted to take pictures of Derline with the boys as an extra photo shoot sample. After several minutes, Derline appeared wearing a red dress. She was stunning in the dress she was wearing that all the people who saw her couldn't help but gaze at her.


            The DBSK boys together with Derline did some poses. And after an hour of taking pictures, they were all finished. While they were all resting, the head photographer suddenly exclaimed something.


            “Now I know why she looks so familiar. Derline looks like Dercie Holden. You know, the young commercial model who became a world famous model at the age of sixteen,” the head photographer said.


            Derline who was sitting next to Xiah and Micky suddenly became pale. Micky and the other DBSK members immediately noticed her reaction.


            “So where is she now?” one of the female dancers asked.


            “That's the strange part. After being banned from modeling by her grandfather, she suddenly disappeared. Some people even thought that she got kidnapped or something. But as it turns out she ran away,” the head photographer narrated.


            “But why did her grandfather ban her from modeling?” one of the girls asked again.


            “Her grandfather was a business tycoon, and he didn't want his only granddaughter working,” the head photographer answered.


            “Oh... I wish I was that girl,” one of the female dancers said.”Imagine, you don't have to work and you can have anything that you want.”


            Micky looked at Derline who was very quiet. “Are you okay? He asked.


            “Yes, I'm fine,” she answered.


            The DBSK boys remained silent. So Derline's past is already catching up with her. They were wondering if Derline can continue running now that he has Micky to think about.



Jul. 19th, 2008




            After being delayed for almost thirty minutes, the DBSK boys finally reached their destination. Derline was already waiting patiently on the parking area. She had heard that the bus had to stop for a while because Micky was sick. She was very concerned about how Micky was doing.


            As soon as the bus stopped, Derline immediately climbed on board. She found Micky sitting on the second row looking kind of pale. He was somehow resting. She wanted to talk to him. But she was afraid that he would get mad with her. She decided to talk with Jaejoong instead.


            “How is he?” she asked Jaejoong.


            “He just had a bad dream again,” Jaejoong replied.


            “I see,” Derline said with a sad voice.


            While Derline and Jaejoong were talking, Micky was already watching them. He wanted to talk with Derline but he didn't know what to say. He was thinking of all the bad things that he had done and said to her. He was really mad with himself.


            Derline looked at Micky, and their eyes met. Micky felt a very warm feeling rushing through his whole body as they both looked at each other. At that moment as if the whole world stopped.


            Max saw how Derline and Micky looked at each other. He felt his heart was slowly breaking into tiny pieces. But even if he was hurting, he was thankful that Micky was somehow changing towards Derline. He was certainly willing to give Derline up as long she was happy.


            Derline was about to approach Micky when the group of female dancers suddenly dragged her away. They wanted Derline to show them around the beach house. Micky just watched as the girls took Derline with them.



            An hour passed and everything was already set for the photo shoot. The DBSK boys were very as usual. And even if Micky wasn't feeling well, he still continued to work. Derline just watched as the DBSK boys worked. She was very concerned with Micky but she couldn't do anything.


            Dinner time came and Derline had already prepared a big feast for everyone. Their meal had been arranged outside the house beside the pool. Everyone was very impressed. The place was well fixed as if they were in a hotel. There were at least 12 round tables arranged around the big pool complete with candles, flowers and wine glasses. There was also a big sound system that was already playing one of the DBSK songs. Everything was well arranged and there were even waiters giving their food and refilling their drinks. After having a very satisfying meal, everyone decided to rest for a while and have some fun.


            “Hey how about we do some dancing?” one of the male dancers asked the other dancers.


            “Yeah,” they all agreed


            A big portion in the garden area was cleared to make way for the dancers. One of the dancers changed the music and the male dancers started to dance. The song “Balloons” started to play.

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky, my heart remembers beautiful memories

 My dream as a child was to ride a yellow balloon and fly high into the sky
I forgot about that small dream and lived till now because I grew up too much

But when I’m miserable I want to run around and play like a child
 Filling a balloon full of my small dreams

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky, my heart remembers beautiful memories

I can’t understand why tears come out when I look at the sky
 I wonder why you forgot the tiny childhood when you become an adult

At times I too want to just fly high into the sky
 With my forgotten dreams and memories

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky, my heart remembers beautiful memories

Lal-la-la-la-la lal-la-la-la-la lal-la-la-la-la lal-la-la-la-la lal-lal-lal-la la-la-la
Though time passes  Though I forgot
Will it be possible to contain it in the yellow balloon

During my past childhood, I dreamt a beautiful dream about riding a balloon and flying
If a yellow balloon flies in the sky, my heart remembers beautiful memories


            After the boys, the girls also danced as well. Another song played, this time “Hiyaya” was heard.


Under the bright sun, it's just the two us (two of us)
With a small bag, let's go away together (go away)

Beyond the window of the the racing car, the blue ocean is wide open (near me)
By my side, you've already fallen asleep like an angel.

*Dancing in summer paradise, I love you, Hi ya ya ya
Always remember our memories in the summer.
We'll have to act quickly, so it may be awkward.
I love you, forever come with me.

Over the white sand, you're walking towards me (towards me)
Your image is blinding, so I can't look at you right away (with you)

While we walk together, feeling the breeze (see my smile)
I'm worried you'll hear my heart racing
Till the end of time...

*Dancing in summer paradise, I love you, Hi ya ya ya
Always remember our memories in the summer.
We'll have to act quickly, so it may be awkward.
I love you, forever come with me.

Even after ten years pass, your exact features
Will always be with me without a change.
I hope they will, till the end of time...

Always be happy together, I love you Hi ya ya ya
The endless skies with congratulate us


            Everyone was very entertained with what was going on except for Micky and Max. The table they were sitting at was facing the table that Derline and Daniel using. So they could easily see what the two were doing. Daniel was always whispering something to Derline. This somehow made Max and Micky very jealous.


            Daniel had already noticed the way that Max and Micky were looking at them. So he was using the opportunity to provoke Micky to admit to his feelings for Derline. He wanted to make Micky very jealous to the point that he couldn't deny his true feelings anymore.


            Suddenly one of the female dancers dragged Derline from her table to where the other female dancers were waiting for their song to play. The DBSK boys were very surprised. They thought that Derline might get embarrassed or something. Since all the girls she was with were all professional dancers. Max wanted to stop Derline, but she obviously very willing to dance.


            Within a few minutes, the music “Choosey Lover” started to play. The female dancers somehow were teaching Derline the proper moves and within seconds she was already catching up with them.


Your dance appears like a dance from a fallen angel

I thank your parents for this important intangible cultural asset

I wonder how you knew all the flexible moves

In some way or other, I want to add to this competition


Nothing comes close but your choosey lover

There’s nourishment that has all kinds of stimuli

Nothing comes close but your choosey lover

Hey, gotta make you mine


Please, come and dance with me

Tease, with your smile

So that I abandon everything

Please, those eyes,

Bright, I want to gaze at them

Choose only me, love, without being perplexed



                The female dancers somehow were teaching Derline the proper moves and within seconds she was already catching up with them. The boys who were watching the girls dance were very impressed with Derline. She was obviously a very good dancer.


If I was your ‘papa,’

I would have banned you from going out because of your dangerous beauty

The sparkling golden chain on your soft skin,

It’s to the point where I’m jealous of jewelry, and I have withdrawal symptoms


Nothing comes close but your choosey lover

There’s nourishment that has all kinds of stimuli

Nothing comes close but your choosey lover

Hey, gotta make you mine


Please, don’t make me beg,

Tease, with your glance,

Like this, wishing for everything

Please, until the daybreak

Tight, hold me close

I’m in a dream-like state from your lips, before this point


Please, let me take you there

Tease, through your smile

You give me everything

Please, until the end

Right, because it’s different

Give only me love, for sure tonight


Choose me baby uh

Sexy lady uh


                As Derline danced, Micky watched her with a loving stare. She was very beautiful and sexy. He was very jealous that the other guys with him were able to her dance in such a sexy manner. He wanted to stop Derline from dancing. And he also wanted to just drag her out and talk privately with her already. He had so many things to tell her, so many things to ask her. He didn't even know where to start.


We got this dance music right

Move you right, the bass is tight

East 2 west, north, south and all


We got this dance music right

Move you right, the bass is tight

East 2 west, north, south and all


Nothing comes close but your choosey lover

There’s nourishment that has all kinds of stimuli

Nothing comes close but your choosey lover

Hey, gotta make you mine


Please, don’t make me beg,

Tease, with your glance,

Like this, wishing for everything

Please, until the daybreak

Tight, hold me close

I’m in a dream-like state from your lips, before this point


Please, let me take you there

Tease, through your smile

You give me everything

Please, until the end

Right, because it’s different

Give only me love, for sure tonight



            The dance finished and everyone just applauded. Everyone praised Derline. And the manager of the DBSK boys even asked Derline for another dance. The DBSK boys were very concerned with Derline. They didn't know if it was okay for her dance with her condition.


            Max immediately went straight to Daniel.


            “Why are you allowing Derline to dance? Isn't it bad for her to get tired? Are you forgetting that she was just in the hospital yesterday?” Max asked with irritation.


            “She's fine. Don't worry. She can handle a little dancing,” Daniel replied with a smile.


            “You're really something!” Max said as he left.


            He went to straight to Derline. “You shouldn't be dancing,” he said.


            Derline smiled at him sweetly. “You're very sweet. Don't worry. I'm okay. I promise I will stop when I am already tired. How about we dance?” Derline dragged Max in the middle of the female dancers. She then whispered something to one of the female dancers. The girl smiled and nodded.


            Within minutes, a new song was starting to play. Max was very nervous as he held Derline. He didn't know what to say but he was obviously very happy to have the chance to dance with Derline. Xiah, Jaejoong and U-Know didn't know what to do, they could see that Micky was hurting because of Max. And yet they couldn't confront Max either because confronting him might hurt him also. They were all torn between their two friends.


Hey! Girl Sexy lover.. Can't take my eyes off you whenever I'm next to you

With no reason, just that happy smile.. Yeah

(Such beauty that cannot be compared)

Because you're so perfect from the tip of your head all the way to your toes and, ([Xiah] I love you)

You have taken away all of my soul


*Hey, girl When you're by my side I am complete as a man

You can have the energy, the world in front of me is fair Hey, girl

(Hey, girl) You can plant the last of our love

Never change now With me, Eternally.


            And  as the music started, everyone dancing before left until Max and Derline were left alone  in the middle. Micky felt that his heart had suddenly stopped beating. Max was holding Derline very closely. He was feeling as if


The words I want to tell you, a man's heart has only one love

(You can't erase the remnants)

Come inside my heart, you have become every part of me

(Even my eyes, my steps)

Because I only look at you Hey, girl


*Hey, girl When you're by my side I am complete as a man

You can have the energy, the world in front of me is fair Hey, girl

(Hey, girl) You can plant the last of our love

Never change now With me, Eternally..


The people who say there is no such thing as an everlasting love

Those that don't even have that kind of confidence

In one's life, If true love comes, when that time comes I will know Girl

The one that can take Part of my heart


            As Derline and Max danced, everyone who was watching them were saying different comments. The DBSK boys couldn't help but hear them. Micky didn't want to listen to the things they were saying because it was hurting him but he also couldn't help it.


            “Max sure is perfect with Derline,” one of the male crew said.


            “Yeah, they sure look like they're very close,” another man commented.


            “Those two are a perfect couple. They both look so good together,” one of the assistant photographers commented.


            “How about we do some sample photo shoots with Max and Derline tomorrow? I really like Derline's look. She kind of reminds me of someone. But I can't seem to remember who,” the head photographer said to the other photographers.


Hey, girl I cannot tell where the end of your universe comes

Your eyes that are like the deep ocean along with a small cosmos, Hey, girl (Hey, girl)

There is nothing to fear when you're by my side

There is nothingI need anymore My dear..


*Hey, girl When you're by my side I am complete as a man

You can have the energy, the world in front of me is fair Hey, girl

(Hey, girl) You can plant the last of our love

Never change now With me, Eternally.



            As the song ended, Micky was already feeling very cold. He didn't want to stay in that place anymore. He was already hurting too much. He just got up and walked out. He wanted to be alone. Derline saw Micky leave. She immediately followed him to the beach.


            Micky was already feeling very cold and lonely at the same time. He was walking along the shore, trying to think of a way to approach Derline. He wanted to talk with her but couldn't even think of a nice way to start their conversation. He was feeling very ridiculous. He has had many girlfriends before so he was thinking what was wrong with him. He couldn't even approach a single girl. But then he thought Derline wasn't like the other girls he had met. She was very different, very special.


            As he was thinking, he suddenly slipped on a rock. And as he was about to get up, he saw someone was standing in front of him and offering a hand. As he slowly looked up, he saw it was Derline. He suddenly thought if what he was seeing was real or just his imagination running wild. He had been staring at Derline for almost several minutes before he came to his senses.


            “Are you all right?” she asked. “Let me help you,” she said with a smile.


            Micky immediately got up and just looked at Derline. He didn't know what to say.


            “You still don't want to talk to me, I guess. Then I'll be leaving now,” Derline said as she was about to leave.


            Micky didn't know what to do. Instinctively he suddenly grabbed Derline's hand and pulled her close to him. And just as suddenly as he pulled her close, he immediately embraced her. He was too afraid that if he didn't take the chance, he might lose Derline forever.


            “Micky...” Derline said as Micky was holding her tight.


            “Let me hold you. I'm sorry for all the wrong things that I have done to you. Can you forgive me?” Micky asked with such strong emotion.


            “Micky, you don't have to say that,” Derline said.


            “Stay with me please,” Micky said as he held Derline tighter.


            “Micky.....” Derline said as she looked straight into Micky's eyes.


            Micky slowly lowered his head and gently kissed Derline. And as time passed, his gentle kiss became more passionate. Both of them didn't care about anything else except what they were feeling that very moment. They were both very happy that they have finally found each other.


            From afar, a shadow was walking away from the sight of Derline and Micky kissing passionately. His heart was aching so much that he thought he was going to die that very moment. As he slowly walked away, tears were already streaming down his face.


            “Goodbye, Derline. I hope you will be happy with hyung,” Max finally uttered.    


Jul. 19th, 2008



            The next day, the DBSK boys all woke up feeling very tired. Max and Micky both had a headache and the other three were constantly yawning and stretching. All of them had to wake up early because they had a scheduled photo shoot at a private beach house. They would be staying there for at least two days so they needed to pack a lot of things.


            “Oh! My head hurts,” Max complained.


            “You didn't drink much last night. So how come you have a headache?” Xiah asked curiously.


            “I wasn't able to sleep last night,” Max replied.


            “Really?” Xiah asked mischievously.


            Jaejoong laughed. “I also know someone who obviously hasn't slept yet,” he said.


            Micky looked at Jaejoong. He was about to say something when their manager appeared. They immediately followed him downstairs. They were going to the studio first to meet up with the other crew members.


            After arriving at the studio, the DBSK boys had immediately noticed the same limousine that Daniel used. Max and Micky somehow felt very tensed. There was a possibility that Daniel was also at the studio.


            The DBSK boys entered the studio. Everyone was very busy preparing. They didn't see Derline or Daniel anywhere. They sat at a corner while waiting. A group of female dancers were also waiting near the DBSK boys. The girls' conversation somehow caught the DBSK boys' attention.


            “Oh my god! He's so handsome,” one girl said.


            “Do you think he's Derline's boyfriend?” another girl asked.


            “I hope not,” the other girl answered.


            “I think he's her boyfriend. I saw the two of them get off the limousine together. And frankly, if I had a boyfriend like that I would never let him go,” another dancer said.


            “But what really puzzles me is Derline. Have you seen her today? It's like she totally transformed from an ugly duckling into a princess. She's so beautiful. I never thought that she could be that gorgeous,” one of the girls said.


            “Yeah, I couldn't believe it either. She was so out of fashion before and now I would just die looking like her. She's like a fashion model or something judging by the way she looks today,” another girl said.


            “And have you noticed the clothes she's wearing? They're like all branded. Think about how much those clothes cost. Even if I spend all my salaries for one year, I can't buy the clothes she's wearing right now,” a girl commented.


            “You're talking about her clothes? Have you noticed her necklace? It's like a diamond necklace, girl. And judging by the looks of it, I think it is real. I would just die if I had a necklace like that,” another girl commented.


            “She sure is very lucky. Where do you think she met him?” a girl asked.


            “Not sure. But they seem very close. I even saw them tickling one another in the back door,” a girl said.


            “I heard one of the male crews talking. And he said that Daniel is a CEO for a big company. Imagine at his age, he's already a CEO,” a girl said with admiration.


            “So that's why he has a limousine,” another girl exclaimed.


            “Oh...I want a boyfriend also who is handsome and rich. I can just see myself now,” the girl started to day dream in front of her friends.


            “Oh....She's so lucky,” a girl said with envy.


            “Do you think we can get her to introduce him to us?” a girl asked.


            “Why not? She has always been nice,” a girl commented.


            “Oh...I would just love to meet him,” a girl said as if dreaming.      


            “And have you heard the news that we supposed to cancel the photo shoot today because the place we were going to suddenly backed out. So we had no place to do the photo shoot, but Derline's boyfriend suddenly said that he owned a place near  a beach and we could use it instead. He's just so admirable,” another girl giggled with delight.


            “Do you really think he's Derline's boyfriend?” another girl asked again.


            “So what if he's not Derline's boyfriend? Why? Do you plan to get him?” a girl teased the girl she was talking to.


            “I really like him” the girl replied.


            “As if he would notice you. Have you seen him? He's so into Derline. If I were Derline I would marry him instantly,” one of the girls said.


            With the mention of marriage, Micky suddenly felt as if someone was choking him. He was very jealous just hearing the girls talk about Derline and Daniel.


            “What is the guy's name again?” a girl asked.


            “I think I heard Derline call him Daniel,” one of the girls answered.


            “Oh Daniel! Be mine!” one of the girls said as a joke. All the girls laughed aloud. The other people inside the studio suddenly looked at them.


            Suddenly Derline and Daniel entered the studio. They immediately saw the DBSK boys and went straight up to them.


            Derline was very different today. She was no longer wearing out of style clothings and she no longer had excessive make up, and even her hair was loose. The boys were very amazed at her transformation. She indeed transformed from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan.


            “Hello!” Derline greeted with a warm smile.


            “Hi there!” Daniel greeted as well.


            “Hello!” the DBSK boys greeted in return.


            “So are you guys ready yet?” Derline asked.


            “We'll be leaving in a couple of minutes. Your previous location for the photo shoot suddenly got canceled so I've offered to have my beach house as you alternative location. The only problem is that my beach house is a little farther than you supposedly location. So the travel time will be an hour longer,” Daniel said with a smile.


            “That's okay. Thanks for your help,” U-Know said to Daniel.


            “Glad to be of help to you guys,” Daniel replied.


            After fifteen minutes, they were already on their way. The DBSK boys had refused Daniel's invitation that they join Derline and him in the limousine. They just decided to ride with the other crew members on the bus they were also using.


            While on their way, Micky's mind was already somewhere else. Jaejoong who was beside him noticed it and suddenly started to talk to him.


            “You know, if you have feelings for her, it's not against any rule to show it,” Jaejoong said with a low voice.


            Micky looked at Jaejoong. “What do you mean?” he asked.


            “I can't understand why you're being hard on yourself and Derline. It's very obvious that you like her. So why are you trying to deny it. Frankly, I can't believe that Max is being much braver than you since he's not being afraid of showing his true feelings for Derline,” Jaejoong said.


            Micky suddenly thought about what Jaejoong said. What was wrong with him? He tried to ask himself. He was not being himself lately and he was already sick and tired of what was going on. He also knew for a fact that he was feeling something for Derline. But he was too afraid to show it. He didn't know why he was reluctant to let her know about how he feels about her.


            As Micky was thinking, he suddenly fell asleep. As the noise inside the bus started to disappear, Micky slowly heard a voice calling him. It was  a girl's voice. And the name she was calling wasn't his name. Then as the voice started to become closer and closer, the girl's face suddenly became clearer and clearer. It was Derline or someone that looked like her. As he was getting closer to her, he could feel his heart beating faster.


            They were already standing in front of each other now and lovingly staring into each other's eyes. Micky could feel the happiness and he didn't want it to end. It was as if his whole world was spinning. Then he gently embraced her. He was so happy in a way he had never felt before. Then as he was about to say something, he felt himself being drawn away from her. He wanted to be with her but he was still moving farther and farther away. He wanted to scream, but no voice came out. As he was moving farther away from her, he could see that she was calling out for him. He wanted to run back to her but he couldn't. It was maddening for him to see her trying to run after him and constantly calling out for him. The scene was just too sickening. He was already crying and there was nothing he could do. And still he moved farther and farther away until he couldn't see her anymore.


            Micky suddenly woke up with a scream. He woke up with tears in his eyes. Everyone in the bus were startled by his scream. The bus immediately stopped. Everyone was concerned with Micky. Jaejoong and U-Know immediately offered him a bottle of water.


            “Are you all right? What's wrong?” Jaejoong asked with concern.


            “Why are you crying?” U-Know asked with concern also.


            Micky couldn't stop himself from crying. His dream has never been this vivid. It was as if he was already being told that his time with Derline was truly going to end. And somehow this thought was just too painful for him. Right at that moment, he has finally decided to fight for Derline.



Jul. 19th, 2008




            The DBSK boys were already in their room, when Jaejoong finally said what was on his mind.


            “Frankly, I didn't like the way Daniel smiled earlier. It was as if he was thinking of doing something to Derline,” Jaejoong said as the boys were having dinner.


            “Yeah, I noticed that too. What room are they in again?” Xiah asked.


            “Their room is in front of our room,” Max said with a low voice.


             Xiah, Jaejoong and U-Know suddenly looked at Max. They were all surprised to learn that Max had already learned where Derline's room was. Jaejoong and Xiah both tried so hard to avoid laughing.


            “I think I can't hold it anymore,” Jaejoong whispered to Xiah.


            “Me too,” Xiah replied.


            And all of a sudden both of them laughed so hard that the other DBSK members just stared at them.


            “What are you guys laughing about?” Micky asked.


            “Nothing...nothing,” Jaejoong answered between laughs.


            “Oh...my stomach hurts already,” Xiah said with a laugh.


            “What's so funny,” U-Know asked.


            “Nothing....” Xiah replied again.


            “I think they are laughing at me,” Max very calmly said.


            Xiah and Jaejoong both looked at Max.


            “So he knows,” Xiah said and then laughed again together with Jaejoong.


            U-Know who was still unaware of what was going on suddenly shouted, “What are you guys laughing at?”


            “Max already knows where Derline's room is. He is very jealous already I bet,” Jaejoong finally said.


            U-Know looked at Max and then at Micky. The two were still quiet and pretending that they didn't care.


            “You know, the two of you should get your heads cleared a bit,” U-Know said to Micky and Max.


            “What so you mean?” Micky asked.


            “Xiah, Jaejoong and I already know that the two of you are already having special feelings for Derline. But the way you two have been acting is really being outrageous,”U-Know commented.


            Micky and Max just continued eating.


            “What do you think Derline and Daniel are doing in their room?” Xiah suddenly asked as if provoking Max and Micky.


            “Maybe they are already having dinner also or better yet sleeping,” Jaejoong also said to provoke the two other DBSK members.


            “Do you think they are going to share the same bed?” Xiah asked with a wide grin.


            Max suddenly stood up and immediately rushed out the front door. The other DBSK members suddenly followed him. They found him in front of Derline's room. He was still trying to decide whether to ring the buzzer or not. Xiah couldn't wait any longer, so he rang the buzzer himself.


            Within minutes, the door suddenly opened. Daniel was already dressed in a bathrobe. The DBSK boys were somehow shocked.


            “Hello! I was just planning to call you guys,” he said with a smile. “Come on in.”


            The DBSK boys entered the room. The hotel suite was also similar to their suite. It also had two  rooms. Somehow the boys felt relieved that Derline had a separate room.


            “I was planning to call you guys. I wanted to invite you for a drink,” Daniel said.


            The boys looked around for Derline. Daniel noticed that they were looking for her.


            “Are you looking for Derline? She's taking a shower,” Daniel said with a smile.


            Suddenly the bathroom door opened and Derline stepped out. The DBSK boys' mouths suddenly opened with shock. Derline stepped out of the bathroom while trying to dry her long hair with a towel. She was very busy that she didn't notice that the boys were there.


            “Daniel can you help me with the zipper of my dress. I think it's stuck,” Derline said still busy drying her hair. She then moved her hair to show Daniel her exposed back. Daniel walked towards her and gently pulled the zipper. The DBSK boys held their breath as they watched.


            Max felt like his entire soul was on fire. Micky also felt so hot that he wanted to get out and just dive into the big swimming pool downstairs. They were already up to their heads with the jealousy they were feeling.


            She was wearing a long white satin dress. The dress fitted her perfectly, showing her full figure.

She no longer wore her hideous make up. And the DBSK boys were amazed at how beautiful she really was without the makeup and the funny clothings. Judging by the way she looked at that moment, the boys instantly knew why she was signed up as a commercial model. She was the picture of a natural beauty. She was undeniably very gorgeous in a every sense of the word.


            Daniel smiled while looking at the DBSK boys' reaction. “Derline, your friends are here,” he said.


            Derline looked at Daniel's direction and saw the boys with him.


            “Hello,” she greeted.


            “Hi!” the boys managed to utter.


            “What's wrong?” Derline asked as she noticed the strange way the boys were looking at her.


            “They haven't seen you as your true self have they?” Daniel asked Derline.


            “No, I guess not,” Derline replied.


            “Well that's the reason why they are all drooling over you,” Daniel said with a laugh.


            The boys somehow got their senses back after they heard Daniel make fun of them. They tried avoiding looking at Derline since she was too distracting.


            Derline walked straight to the boys. She sat on the sofa facing the sofa where the boys where sitting.  Daniel gave Derline a glass of water and some pills.


            “Here, drink this,” Daniel said as he gave the pills to Derline.


            “Okay,” Derline replied.


            The DBSK boys wanted to ask what medications Derline just drank, but they were feeling very embarrassed. They were all thinking that if she drank sleeping pills, then that means she would fall asleep any moment. And that would mean that Daniel had all the time to be with her as she was unconscious. The boys' minds were all wondering in different directions. But they were all thinking the same thought, and it was that Daniel might have the chance to take advantage of her.


            “I am taking a shower. You just talk with your friends,” Daniel said with a smile.


            “Okay,” Derline replied.


            Daniel went into the bathroom, and the DBSK boys could hear the shower turning on.


            “So how are you feeling?” Max asked Derline.


            “I am fine. Thanks for asking. But why are you guys here? I thought you guys were tired already?” she asked.


            “Well we wanted to see if you're okay already,” Jaejoong said as an excuse.


            “That's so sweet,” Derline exclaimed.


            “Have you guys eaten yet?” Derline asked the boys.


            “Well....”Jaejoong hesitated to answer. He didn't know what to say. He wanted to say they were already eating but then Max walked out in the middle of eating dinner and ran to her room and then they followed him so they haven't finished eating. As he was thinking this, he was smiling and grinning.


            Derline noticed that Jaejoong was thinking of something. “Just wait okay. I'll cook something,” she said with a smile.


            “Are you okay to cook? I mean aren't you supposed to rest?” Max asked with concern.


            “I have already taken my medications, so I guess I'm okay. And besides the doctors didn't say that I can't do any simple work like cooking,” Derline said with a laugh. “They even told me to exercise every once in a while. They said it will somehow help my heart to be at least pumping normally or something like that,” Derline said as if it was nothing.


            The DBSK boys just stared at Derline. She was truly very beautiful. She was very brave too. Imagine if it were some other girl in her situation, that girl would have already cried a bucket of tears. But here she was still trying to be normal. They admired her very much.


            Derline disappeared into the kitchen leaving the DBSK boys. As they were waiting, Daniel had already finished taking his shower.


            “Where's Derline?” he asked the boys.


            “She's in the kitchen cooking something,” Xiah replied.


            “Oh.....” Daniel uttered.


            Daniel felt the coldness that the boys were giving him. He suddenly decided to start a conversation with them.


            “Are you guys mad with me or what?” Daniel straightly asked.


            “Why do you ask that?” U-Know asked in return.


            “Because I can sense that all of you are very cold with me,” Daniel answered frankly.


            “I am sorry you feel that way,” Micky said coldly.


            “Aren't you taking much better care of Derline? If she's so important to you, then why do I feel that you're not even taking her condition seriously?” Max straightly asked.


            “I see, so that is why you are very cold to me. I love Derline very much with all my heart. And I would certainly give up my life for her anytime. Yes, she is sick. She has been sick ever since she was three years old. And her parents have already expected her condition to get worst as she grew older. That's why she has been on the list for patients waiting for heart transplant of every top hospital in almost twelve countries all over the world. And she has been on that list ever since she was ten years old. So you see, she can easily get a heart transplant anytime that she says she wants to. But the main problem is if she would allow the operation. She has long been rejecting the idea of a heart transplant,” Daniel explained.


            “But why is she rejecting?” Jaejoong suddenly asked.


            “Because she is afraid that when she gets the heart transplant, her love for Micky will change,” Daniel immediately replied.


            “That's ridiculous,” Max exclaimed.


            “You don't have anything to worry about. As soon as she finishes her contract with your company, I will be forcing her to undergo the operation. So I suggest that you all make use of the time you have left to be with her. After her operation, I am sure her grandfather will push through with our marriage again. And since Micky doesn't want to be with her, then there will be no one stopping me from marrying her,” Daniel said with a smile. He was trying to provoke Micky to confess that he had feelings for Derline.


            Yes, he loved Derline very much and he would give everything just to have her. But he knew that what he wanted the most was for Derline to be happy. And he also knew that the only way to make Derline happy is if she and Micky were together. So even if it was going to hurt him a lot, he would rather lose Derline to Micky, at least he knows that she would be truly happy.


            After almost twenty minutes, Derline appeared with a big bowl of salad, fried dumplings and shrimp tempura. The boys couldn't believe that she could cook so fast.


            “She's a good cook,” Daniel said with pride.


            “We know,” Max said with irritation.


            “You know? So that means she has cooked for you guys,” Daniel said with amazement.


            “Yes, many times already,” Jaejoong answered.


            “I see,” Daniel said.


            “Well? Let's all eat,” Derline said with a big smile.


            After having dinner, the DBSK boys felt so full that they couldn't even move. They were very satisfied with Derline's cooking.


            “So do you guys want to have a drink?” Daniel asked.


            “Yeah,” Jaejoong answered.


            The boys started drinking, while Derline just watched and ate some snacks that they ordered together with the wine. The boys had started to feel comfortable with Daniel. He was actually a very nice man.


            Derline was sitting beside Daniel, when Daniel suddenly touched her hair.


            “We should go to the salon tomorrow and get your hair fixed. It's already dry. And you should also get a spa,” Daniel said with a smile.


            “What?” Derline asked. “You're more vain than me when it comes to my looks,” she said with a  laugh.


            Daniel also laughed.    “You know I can't bear to see my one and only princess looking so ordinary,” he said with a sweet smile.


            Max and Micky were feeling very jealous again. U-Know noticed that the two were being jealous again and decided to say goodnight already to stop his two friends from fighting with each other again or worst is if they all end up fighting with Daniel. At first, Max was very reluctant to leave. But he was forced to say goodbye as his other friends were already leaving. And so the night ended with Max and Micky tossing and turning in their beds until morning, because they were both wondering the whole time what Derline and Daniel were doing inside their room.